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iOS ResearchKit

A tool for massive researches available to everyone.

What’s ResearchKit

It’s an open source software framework provided by Apple, which makes it easy for researchers and developers to create apps that could revolutionize all kind of census studies - emphasizing the possible potential about how we can transform research forever.

What can we do for you

Taking advantage of the iPhone's features, we can now gather information in a very efficient way. With ResearchKit, we can easily create apps that allow you to collect data on a scale never available before.

How we want to use it

We want to help you making life-changing discoveries using the ResearchKit to support medical, psychological or pharma studies with powerful apps.

How studies works

How ResearchKit studies work - Downlaod mobile app

1. Download the mobile app

Uploaded to the AppStore, you will be able to access millions of users. The bigger the numbers of participants, the more powerful the results can be.

How ResearchKit studies work - Give consent to enroll

2. Give consent to enroll

With a simple form of recruiting, the ResearchKit makes it much easier to consent and join studies.

How ResearchKit studies work - Perform tasks

3. Perform tasks

Depending on the research study the app will ask participants to perform simple tasks and/or fill out questionnaires. Those activities can be triggered by a defined schedule, depending on previous results or other external events.

How ResearchKit studies work - Track and collect phone sensor data

4. Track and collect phone sensor data

With the participant's consent, data can also be automatically retrieved from the Apple Health App, e.g. providing information on the participant's physical activities.

How ResearchKit studies work - Make discoveries

5. Make discoveries

Analyze gathered data to make breakthroughs in your field of research.

“The app will be published in five languages, gathering data on global treatment strategies for ruptures of cruciate ligaments as well as patient's satisfaction. It will allow us to gain insights in cultural differences between counties and continents.”

Prof. Dr. Philipp Niemeyer, University of Freiburg

Work Example:
ACL Rupture Study

The first app using Apple's ResearchKit in Germany - available in the AppStore.

ACL RUPTURE STUDY using APPLE ResearchKit developed by design-it
ACL RUPTURE STUDY using APPLE ResearchKit developed by design-it
ACL RUPTURE STUDY using APPLE ResearchKit developed by design-it

In collaboration with the University Medical Center Freiburg we created an app to support the ACL Rupture Study - a medical research study to gain insights on treatments for ruptures of the anterior cruciate ligaments.

Potential participants can download the app, sign up for the study and complete the consent process. In bi-weekly questionnaires they provide information on their physical condition and treatment decisions.

Further details on the study can be provided by the University Medical Center Freiburg.

Further projects of DESIGN-IT include business applications, sales platforms and interactive web portals.

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